Friday, April 14, 2017

"Art and Propaganda" talk coming to UWG April 18

In partnership with the University of West Georgia, the Chamber will be offering another evening of The Other Night School at UWG on April 18 at 6pm at the University of West Georgia in Newnan in the Main Lecture Hall.

The topic will be "Art and Propaganda: The Curious History of Politics and Painting" by Dr. Nathan Rees. The great masterpieces of the Western tradition: timeless expressions of an artist's unique inner vision, right? Not always. Focusing on the revolutionary era of the Enlightenment, Rees will investigate the impact of politics on art. Connecting the dots between art and history reveals how artists were inspired — or outright compelled — by the political forces shaping the world around them. Come explore this other side of art and discover how even the most acclaimed works of art serve as propaganda.

Complimentary wine and beer will be provided, and no reservations are required.

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